A very special photo album with Mysocialbook.com

Tempted by a photo Book? Would you ever see your best friend? Seduced by outcome? Just thinking about offering it? You may fear its fulfillment. However, it is now fast and easy to format a photo book. Our custom picture book, picture folder, and calendar design app are designed to make your experience as fun as possible. If creativity is missing here are a few tips. Follow this guide!

Create according to your own pace

Our site instantly adapts to your needs. You're directed through all the stages of your photo album creation. Simple and fast editing (unlike you’d think). Do not waste time; choose the format, cover, theme and sub-theme of your photo album which we are going to print in four clicks. Our graphic designer team has already designed the elements which compose it. You just need to customize the images by adding them. Optionally, you can click on one of the proposed tabs to modify its look and content.

Classify the pictures

Determine a framework and arrange your images accordingly, to save time during design. In the case of a digital cookbook, for example, order the photos according to recipes or dish styles (starter, dessert etc.). Another example: The baby picture album < whose design must be considered in advance. Choosing a chronological order is advisable; by year, month or by significant events. Then you store the memories accordingly. Books for the events are easier to design.

Select the right dimension

Several page formats are available. All are adaptable so your shots have no impact on the original dimensions. Photographs taken in landscape mode can be positioned in full on a portrait format album. You'll only need to resize the image once it's formatted. Nevertheless, we advise you to consider the final draft. If most of your pictures are landscapes, you should order a model of the landscape. Finally, if you intend to move with it, consider the practical aspect such as your library room, or probably the transportation.

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Discover new instruments
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