Discover new instruments

Do you like music? Are you used to playing an instrument? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, here are some new instruments that should interest you.

For a new instrument to catch the attention of musicians, it must bring something new. The visual and ergonomic side also plays a big role. If all these elements are present, then musicians will certainly be interested in it.

These instruments that are now part of musicians' lives

The karlax is one of the instruments that some musicians quickly steel tongue drum appreciated. It is part of the midi controllers and is considered to be one of the most elaborate in its category. However, its rather high price can quickly become an obstacle.

Several other innovations have also appeared in the world of music. Indeed, the augmented guitar as well as the harp without strings have also attracted the attention of artists.

But if you like percussion instruments in particular, then you will be more interested in the tank drum. This intuitive and melodic instrument is a derivative of the steel drum. It does not require any specific knowledge before playing it. All you have to do is let yourself be guided by your current inspiration. All you have to do is use your hands or mallets.

This resonance box is moulded from metal and laser cuttings and is then made to form sound blades. Each of them corresponds to a note and a harmonious sound will be produced with each strike.

The tongue drum will give you the opportunity to develop your creativity and musicality. You will see that it will quickly become the favourite instrument of the whole family. It's easy to handle and once you try it, all you'll want to do is express your inventiveness.

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